Brazilian Miss Bumbum tattoos Donald Trump’s face on her “back”

Winner of Miss Bumbum 2016, Érika Canela “Cinnamon”, 20, tattooed Donald Trump’s face on her back to symbolize “a white flag sign.” The idea, according to the model, is to change the image the president of the United States would have over Latinos.

“I know that many will hate me for this reason, others may even like it, but it is a request for peace. I am a Latina, a woman and I do not know the United States, but I believe that hate speech only brings hatred,” she says.

The tattoo was made in Brazil, before Érika traveled to Venezuela, where she made an essay for the local “Playboy”. The magazine is expected to hit the newsstands next week.

The model received the Miss Bumbum track on November 9, when Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton was consecrated. The Miss Bumbum contest is a contest that elects the Brazilian model with the most beautiful rear ends.

For her, the decision to draw the face of the Republican president-elect should be seen as a “request for more love and solidarity.” “I want this act to be able to say ‘peace.’ We are all together: women, immigrants … everyone.”

Brazilian model tattoos Donald Trump's face on her back.
Brazilian model tattoos Donald Trump’s face on her back.

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