Brazilian model sells “nudes” over Snapchat to make a living

Jessica Constantino on a picture posted to her Instagram.After losing her job at a government agency, an architecture student of the Distrito Federal decided to make a living selling sexy photos through an application on the internet. According to Jessica Constantino, 24, the work is done by packages, which range from U$$ 25 to US$ 100. Most customers are Americans and some seek only to talk and exchange confidences.

Jessica does not reveal how much she earns per month, but says she keeps herself from the sale of photos through Snapchat, an application that allows the user to take pictures, record videos, add text and drawings and choose the time that the content will be available to a contact.

With the sale of the content, the model says she is able to pay the tuition of the private college she attends, lives in a middle class neighborhood in Brasilia (Águas Claras) and can enjoy “consumerist dreams.” One was buying a purse from an Italian brand, which cost R$ 8000, she says.

Currently, Jessica has ten fixed customers. The followers who paid US$ 25 receives pictures for two months. Who spends US$ 100 can enjoy selfies and videos of the young girl. Jessica has only one Brazilian customer. The rest live in countries like the US, England and Australia. For Jessica, the absence of Brazilians is the result of the culture and lack of recognition of the model work.

You can also follow Jessica, on her Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook page.

Jessica Constantino on a picture posted to her Instagram.

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