Geisy Arruda changes style and poses for brazilian

Geisy Arruda, brazilian modelGeisy Arruda is a young woman. A young Brazilian woman. She showed the result of her new transformation on Monday, 17, during the photo shoot of the new collection of designer Oxygenio Modas in São Paulo, which still had Thais Bianca participating.

Geisy left the long strands behind and adopted a long bob cut, changed color to a more natural tone at the base, but kept the tone blonde at the tips.

“I was feeling the need to change the look for a while. Used megahair 5 years ago, and was looking for a lighter hair, and that was current in fashion. I opted for long bob and loved the result. It even changed up to my face. I am very happy, ” she told EGO, the website.

Asked about staying brunette Geisy revealed she would have to work harder on their psychological to make such a radical change. “I chose the natural color at the root and the blond tips, because it’s hard to let go once you go blonde. So I contemplated the possibility to stay black, but still have to work hard on my psychological to accept this transformation,” she said laughing.

Geisy Arruda

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