How to meet women in Brazil during carnival, at night or anywhere

You have just arrived in Brazil and you are of course interested in the beautiful Brazilian women. Many of them don’t  even look at you, especially if it’s Carnival and if you are not what they are interested in: the sculpted body young man, tall and slightly attractive. But do not worry, stay calmly and with these tips you will do well in meeting girls in Brazil.

Keep in mind that in the summer and during carnival, or on the night time, all have the same intentions: to have fun, meet someone and kiss. It might not look like it on the first glance, but the fact that you are a foreigner is already a big advantage (given that this site is aimed at foreigners interested in Brazil). Brazilian women and also men are usually open to meeting new people and making friends, if you seem interesting to them but also because most Brazilians are expansive and friendly. They like to laugh and tell or hear stories.

1) Smile and make friends: mingle and make friends, male or female, it does not matter. It’s importante to have people to talk to. Buy someone a beer, ask questions, tell a little about yourself (not much) and show up as an interesting person. Leave negativity at home. Show how you feel comfortable with the situation and with yourself. Go out with people you meet at your hostel or inn … start a conversation with someone that is trying to sell you something, with the seller of beer, caipirinha, etc … on a quiet evening, address also the waitresseess or bargirls as they prepare your drink, ask them questions about whats hot, whats going on, your chance to do well or at least have someone to talk to is big. Most Brazilian women will say a few words in English or Spanish, or at least will try to talk to you. Brazilian women like foreigners.

2) Approach. Simply talk. Use differente approaches. Do not let the nerves get to you. If you need to have another drink go for it, but do not drink too much … be aware of your movements and your words. Avoid the strategies of Brazilians that get girls by grabbing and kissing. Many of these guys are also attractive to these women and they know it. They not only grab, but also throw a pass and say something interesting. Try some words in Portuguese, and do this without fear or shame. Leave your inhibitions at home.

3) Got rejected? DO NOT WORRY!  She is not the  only one, nor the most beautiful one. When a woman is not interested in you, think that the next one will be more interesting and hot. Do not waste your time whining or fueling anger at the woman. If you want numbers, go to carnivals or micaretas like Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo. I have seen many girls kissing several men a night without worrying. Many women are just trying to enjoy themselves and have fun.

Look how these guys are not afraid to get rejected, but they keep trying…

4) Learn to lie: tell stories, be  interesting and if necessary, a little lie. Many women that you want to meet will not become your wife, your girlfriend or even a friend…

5) Do not choose too much: usually the guys who choose too much, end up alone, because they want the most beautiful one disqualifies a lot of them. If you approach a group of girls, choose the least attractive one. Don’t be too ambitious and choose the goddess. It’s stupid! Not only the competition is high, but you probably will not have a chance. If you are friendly with the least interesting one, all others will find you friendly and pleasant. Avoid couples, the introverted girls or girls full of themselves, who think they are the “Gostosonas(hotties)”.

Do not choose too much! But watch out!

6) Be moderately cool: Do not try to please too much, be moderately cool. If you do, you will seem unappealing to them. But what would a moderately cool guy be? Just be cool, but do not show that you are available all the time. One more thing: patience has a limit. If she starts to explore you (sometimes they exaggerate), impose a limit.

7) Yes, patience has a limit: if after a few minutes you can not hold a conversation, or a friendship, or a laugh, the girls is shy, you are shy, etc … go for the next one… know the right time to say goodbye. Do not bet all your coins on one girl only.

8) Avoid indoors: discos, paid clubs, etc … are usually not good ideas to meet people. In most tourist places in Brazil where the women are, the spaces are open, they are places where you can be inside or outside without concern. In confined places, too full, or that you have to pay to get in, there might not be enough room for moving around and after a few laps you have already seen everything and everyone … flee those places and look for the places where you feel comfortable. Maybe one try is enough to get to know the place. Ask people what is hot.

9) Be in the right places: the Salvador carnival blocks where the Brazilians usually go to get girls  usually are not good for foreigners, the street blocks are often not paid and more fun because they attract more people and give you more freedom. Just be careful with the places where there are a lot of men and few women and people that look like they are up to no good, they usually are … some of these street blocks have a lot of fights too … To ensure that you will do well, look for cities with many foreign tourists, the inner cities where people are not used to foreigners generally are not good for foreigners … because the girls there are interested in the stereotypical Brazilian.

Even people that are working have fun during Carnival in Brazil

10) Good and bad places to meet women as a foreigner in Brazil:
Good for foreigners: street carnival “blocos” of Rio de Janeiro, Lapa, a neighborhood in downtown Rio de Janeiro, Itacare – Bahia, the beaches of Salvador, Praia do Futuro – Fortaleza, Praia da Pipa, Ipanema or Copacabana beach in Rio, Paraty – RJ. Bars with many foreigners.

Bad for foreigners: Places with a lot of women but generally “patricinhas” (rich girls or girls who want to look rich) as they are more interested in guys like them … They are usually clicky and are generally among their friends: Carnival abadas in Salvador, Carnatal in Natal, Buzios in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival and on holidays, Florianopolis, Curitiba, parties for rich people anywhere in Brazil.

Of course every rule has its exception, but in general, avoid these places if you want to score during your stay in Brazil. Of course, even in these places, you can go to the more alternative bars, find the more alternative crowd and the girls that look more interesting to you. Most importantly, have fun in Brazil!

And you, do you know of any good places?

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Joe Cloud
Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.

Published by Joe Cloud

Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.