Jady Bolt Duarte involved in scandal over exclusive interview agreements with british newspaper

Jady Bolt Duarte and Usain BoltThe student Jady Duarte, or Jady Bolt if you are intimate, got into a mess with the staff of the British newspaper The Sun, which ended in the Special Commission for the Support of Tourism (DEAT) of the Leblon neighborhood, on Tuesday, 23.

According to Extra newspaper, English journalists have signed an exclusive contract for an interview with Jady but refused to pay the agreed amount in advance because of a breach of the student. In addition to The Sun, the girl spoke with other tabloids like the Daily Mail and The Mirror.

After discussion, the police officers considered that there was no crime, and registered the case as an atypical fact. Jady must provide new evidence in the coming days.

Follow Jady Duarte Bolt on her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/pfvrjady/  and on her Twitter account https://twitter.com/jadyduarte_ where she now is famous and answers questions from all over the world. Apparently she also has https://www.instagram.com/jadyduarteofficial/

On interview to the tabloids, Jady said that the Jamaican courted her dancing to a Rihanna music while showering. According to her, the communication part was done by Google translation tool. She also says that Bolt gave her 100 euros (350 reais) at the end of the night, claiming that the amount was used to pay for a taxi.

“I thought we were having something, but now I see that he exchanges women as fast as he wins gold medals,” said Jady to the newspaper.

Last Name – Just a few days after the leak of photos with the athletes, Jady hired a manager to negotiate the interview with the British newspaper The Sun. The student was also announced in a flyer of a funk party in Rio de Janeiro as a special guest. In the picture, a picture of her next to the new surname to: Jady Bolt.

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