Jaque Khury, from ex Big Brother Brazil, to fitness diva fame

Jacque Khury, brazilian fitness muse Two years ago, Jaque Khury left behind the labels of ex-BBB (Brazilian Big Brother) and former panicat to face another category of fame. The beauty is now one of the many brazilian fitness muses. Last month, Jacque even won the WBFF contest (World Beauty Fashion Fitness), and was voted the “Diva Fitness Model” of the year, making her an international athlete.

Determined, Jaque decided to rebuild her image after the birth of her child. She gained 30 kilos during her pregnancy and thought that she would never return to her old shape. Jack is disciplined. With her dry belly, she attracted hundreds of followers and also advertisers to her profile on social media. Today, she announces various products: protein bars to sporting events.

But being a “guinea pig” has already put Jack in a few bad situations. Once she announced a a hair product that promised one thing and in the end did not meet, she also supplements that have left me swollen a whole week … Now, she doesn’t advertise something to her followers if it;s not good.

For 2016, Jaque, which became WBFF ambassador in Brazil, wants to encourage other athletes and bring the competition to Brazil. Jacque today no hits station door to ask for a job and accept anything. She earns twice what she earned and still does everything from home, next to her son.

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Jacque Khury fitness model Instagram and Twitter accounts

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