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Her 280ml silicone boobs made one of the great dreams of Caren Souza come true: posing for “Playboy”. The model, winner of the reality show “Casa Bonita 2”, graces the cover commemorating the 40th anniversary of Playboy magazine in Brazil. I mean … part of the body of the Gaucha(someone from Rio Grande do Sul), as has face does not appear.

Caren, which graduates next year as a chef, said the cache was not stratospheric as was Nanda Costa’s in 2013, which reached R$ 1 million. “Of course there were not as many zeros, but it will help in another dream of mine, which is to open my restaurant,” says the girl.

The Playboy cover she "appeared" on.
The Playboy cover she “appeared” on.

But Caren Souza continues strong in his quest to appear in the pages of “Playboy”. After all, the month of the cover of the magazine’s August, celebrating 40 years, she had not disclosed her face and became the Headless Naked Girl. “But the impact was great. I really want my entire essay this time,” she dream and started promoting her own meetings with fans through Facebook:” The other day, we met at a mall of Sao Paulo. There were so many great people.”

It was because of her breasts that Caren got her place on the cover. But she dreams higher. She will soon star in a sensual photo shoot and reminisce on the times that she appeared only in her small bikinis at “Beautiful house 2”, which she won. “And to think I put silicone at that time. These breasts give me luck,” she says.

The fans of the girl try to help her fulfill the desire of being a playmate. Even a fake cover of “Playboy” already goes around the internet: “They are a cute. They are giving me a lot of strength. I’m sure I’ll get it.”

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Caren Souza's fake Playboy cover
The fake Playboy cover
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