Meet Geisy Arruda, famous after a harrassment episode at college in Brazil

The pink dress that made her famous.

Geisy Arruda new face afeter the procedures.Geisy Arruda is a new woman. She showed the transformation she made after a R$ 200,000 investment behind the scenes of the Gugu tv shpw. For over 40 days, the former tourism student underwent 14 aesthetic procedures that resulted in changes in the face, teeth, gums, cheeks, hair and body. And she’s 10 pounds less!

Among the most important procedures, Geisy highlights dental contact lenses, valued at R $ 100 thousand reais and that radically transformed the aesthetics of his mouth and smile. In all, there were five surgeries, two in the gingiva, besides making the wear of the teeth, placement of the provisional lenses and placement of the definitive contact lenses.

Geisy also surrendered to the bichectomy, a procedure that consists of removing the fat from the cheeks and became a fever among the famous. “I did the bichectomy to have a more delineated face. The first week was very annoying, I just ate cold things and I had to make compresses several times a day,” said the brunette.

Geisy Arruda new face afeter the procedures.
Geisy Arruda new face afeter the procedures.

Geisy also underwent dermarrol treatment – a procedure performed by socialite Kim Kardashian – and revealed that she recovered 80% of the skin, which had acne marks.

After the college episode that made her famous, she got rich and took her entire family out of the favela. Just for the consideration she had with parents and grandparents, she has my respect! Geisy became famous for an episode of discrimination that ran the Brazilian Internet. Dressed in a decoted pink dress, the former Uniban university student provoked a revolt among the other students. But that was no reason to be satirized and harassed by colleagues. The blonde even recalled the controversy by questioning students about which clothes are appropriate or not. For that she even went to a college in São Paulo to remember the times before her fame. On the real episode, she had to call the police to leave class that night.

Watch the harassment episode on the video below:

Cover of the “S*xy” magazine in November 2010, Geisy saw her edition being the best-selling of the last three years. After participating in “Fazenda 3”, a brazilian reality show for famous people she wrote the autobiography “Vestida para Causar”(Dressed to Cause), which sold at least 20,000 copies, and launched the Rosa Divino clothing label. All that at the early age of 21.

Her life changed very quickly. Recalling the R$ 400 salary she made working in the cheese session of a market in Pirituba, in São Paulo, Geisy celebrates the purchase of an apartment in the ABC region, outside of São Paulo.

She never dreamed of being famous and always thought that TV was another world, that she kept watching from home. I have no PR and never had a manager. She negotiated her magazine shoot herself and that’s something she os very proud of: “I worked at the grocery store near my house and earned R$ 400 to stay in the cheese session from 9amto 2pm. My father shared the college tuition with me. I just bought an apartment for them to live with me and I’m going to work to give my dad a car.”

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