Nutritionist Rossana Torales leaves Brazilian team to become fitness model in Miami

Rossana Torales oficial Instagram.

Despite having well-rounded and renowned names for the Campeonato Carioca, Boavista will not have its main star of the last two seasons in 2017. Known for the sculptural curves, Rossana Torales, the club’s nutritionist, is no longer part of the club.

Following a fitness model career in Miami, in the United States, the muse of the Boa Vista in the last two years is dividing between the works with nutrition in Rio de Janeiro and the career in North America and will no longer be able to hold the position in Brazil for lack of time.

The routine of a football player needs to be regulated, especially in food. So, how about receiving the care of Rossana Torales? The girl, who for some time has been successful on the internet, was responsible for the food of the Boavista group of Rio players.

The nutritionist is Paraguayan and does not call attention for her beauty alone. Rossana is a specialist in Orthomolecular Clinical Nutrition, besides being post-graduate in the same area and also in Sports Nutrition. Below, you can check some photos of her Instagram account.

She obviously, has lots of brazilian followers.

Rossana Torales oficial Instagram.

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