Plus size model to be featured on the cover of Playboy magazine in Brazil

The next issue of ‘Playboy’ magazine in Brazil will bing a plus size model. The image released on the magazines Instagram account this Monday shows Fluvia Lacerda with a serene look, wavy hair and light makeup. Brazilian playboy can only be purchased only.

Fluvia Lacerda has two children, Lua, 13 years old and Pedro, 2 years old. In August of 2013, she went through a troubled period, when her husband, the lawyer Wallace Andrade de Araújo was found dead at home. He was the first love in her life and who gave her the first kiss. Both grew up in Boa Vista, north of Brazil in the state of Roraima. The two were separated 11 years and only later were they together. Pedro is the fruit of this relationship. She was pregnant when her husband died.

In 2011, she won the model plus size award of the year, during Full Figured Fashion Week. “It was a great honor and a formidable recognition considering that the appointment comes from those who are part of the plus size industry,” she said.

Plus size model Fluvia Lacerda on the beach.
Plus size model Fluvia Lacerda on the beach.

“I can not even express the ecstasy of seeing this beautiful project materialized! To photograph in my beautiful Roraima, with the support of my best friends, surrounded by the incredible nature of the land that created me. Free and empowered by the certainty that under my own skin I can be, live and fulfill all that I want. Because the body is mine and I can celebrate it the way I want and I understand. And so there it is, on the cover of the edition for collectors, which will be sold exclusively online. The pre-sale is already open for anyone who wants to order and as of December 20 sales will start.” she added.

You can order your edition here

Being the only Brazilian working internationally as a plus size model, she has already starred in countless campaigns in various parts of the world. She was the cover of magazines like Beautiful, Molds Molds, PlusModelMagazine, and I have already participated in fashion editorials for Vogue Italia, Glamor, Mannequin, Joyce Pascovitch, Latina Magazine, Redbook, among others. She has starred for brands such as Kmart, Torrid, Igigi, Fashion Bug and has already been photographed in Spain, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, England, Jamaica and of course in Brazil, getting as much as U$D 20,000 a day.

Plus size model will be the cover of the next edition of ‘Playboy’

Fluvia, 36, is known in the middle for her voluptuousness and beauty. The model is called Gisele Bündchen GG, something like Plus Size Gisele Bundchen and lives in New York. She is one of the most requested models in the plus size area.

However, the new edition entitled ‘Playboy Summer 2017’ is for collectors and the sale will only be available through the official website of the magazine.

You can follow Fluvia Lacerda, on her Instagram or on her Facebook profile

Plus size model Fluvia Lacerda.
Plus size model Fluvia Lacerda.
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