Surf’s Up in Rio with Dani Susuki

Dani Susuki is beautiful. To keep her body in shape, the actress Daniele Suzuki spares no effort to get her physical activity on. She usually posts pictures on her Instagram showing her surfer version. In one of the pictures she appears all happy on a surfboard, while in another image she poses next to friends.

Dani looks to really like the water and surfing and that is hot! She recently posted a picture while she refreshed at a waterfall and philosophized: “To wake up, to feel the power that is on our side and connect with nature is a privilege. There’s a lot of life around us ….”

Dani Susuki and her surfboard.

Dani Suzuki usually goes surfing at Prainha in the West Zone of Rio, and is usually targetted by the paparazzi as she goes there. The actress shows that she is in great shape when on her bikini.

She is pretty good at the waves and lives nearby. What a lucky girl she is. Prainha is one of the most beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro and one of the best beaches for surfing too!

Follow her on Instagram @danisuzuki and Twitter @danisuzuki  where she usually posts about her surf sessions.

Dani Susuki surfing at Prainha.

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